Logan Hocking School District - Citizen Information and Solutions


“Educate Logan-Hocking”  is a  grassroots effort by community members (citizens, taxpayers and parents) within the Logan Hocking School District.

Our mission is simply to disseminate information for public consumption and when appropriate take positions on topics related to the Logan-Hocking School District and/or the betterment of our public education system.

Our goal is to educate the Logan-Hocking community about the fiscal, policy and quality of education issues facing the Logan-Hocking School District and the education system in Ohio.  It is our hope that this “education” of the public will encourage active citizen involvement and together with the LHSD board and administration we can affect positive change within the District.  Change that will benefit both the students and the taxpayers.

We believe information regarding the LHSD should be transparent and comprehensive, resulting in citizens at large being fully informed about issues, financial and otherwise, that face our schools.

School board members and administrators often work in a vacuum and can become largely unaware of needs and concerns throughout their community.  As a result, internal school and employee union issues are often the first to be addressed while parent and community issues may be left out of the equation.  Citizens, parents and taxpayers need a stronger voice in the operation of our schools to acheive the appropriate balance of service and cost that the students, families, and businesses deserve and we can afford. Educate Logan-Hocking sincerely desires to assist in being that voice.

For further information click on “What We Stand For” and “Our Expectations” pages.

Citizen Solutions for the Logan Hocking School District