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Opposing a School Levy is called “Neanderthal” and “Moron”

Levy1At the birth of our country, our Founders expected the United States citizenry to be engaged, informed and involved in all levels of government. They even warned us against not doing so, recognizing that an apathetic public would be our nation’s undoing. Sadly, many elected officials, especially those who have been in political positions for some time, had grown accustom to a disengaged public. This, of course, resulted in a expansive growth of government that we, as conservatives, must now endeavor to restrain.

Since the recent rebirth of citizen engagement, however, we have discovered that restraining that “growth” when it comes to school levies is often met with hot opposition. The pro-levy talking points regarding school levies always emphasize caring “about the children”. Therefore, anyone who even questions the need for a levy or suggests there may be other methods to correct a potential school district’s deficit… simply does not care “about the children”. Levy opponents are often painted as selfish, greedy and uninformed. In the example of the Upper Arlington City School’s levy, conservative levy opponents were called “Neanderthal” and “Moron” by the school board president, himself.  Even now instead of apologizing to the taxpaying public, the Upper Arlington School Board President is demanding that Media Trackers remove the article on his comments. This is an unacceptable and extremely unprofessional attitude on the part of someone who was hired by the District taxpayers to be a “public servant”.

In this hard economic time… it is imperative that conservatives be elected to School Board positions in order that student needs remain first in a system that largely benefits adults. Fiscally conservative school board members are needed to do the hard work of going line by line in the school’s budget and determining what can be cut or frozen. In the Logan Hocking School District three School Board positions are up for re-election in 2013. Fiscal conservatives in the District are becoming increasingly concerned that the public is being groomed for a levy. (See the recent article of the LHSD project 1.1 million deficit) .The first best step in avoiding a new tax levy is to elect strong conservatives to the school board.

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