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Ohio Auditor Investigates Grade Changing

Cheating appears to have taken an unusual form in Columbus schools. A study of computer logs undertaken by The Columbus Dispatch uncovered instances of district employees changing student letter grades some 5,300 times over the course of one year, all in an attempt to “scrub” the data in order to meet state and federal achievement metrics. […]

Ohio Ranks in the Top Ten on the Parent Power Index

A new Parent Power Index released last week shows that there’s a definite correlation between parental engagement and student achievement. States that made it into the Center for Education Reform’s PPI Top Ten – which means they did the most to empower parents of their students – have also shown substantial improvements in academic outcomes over the […]

Why We Should Be Concerned About “Common Core”

What is the Common Core? Click here to watch informational videos about Common Core in Georgia. Educators have described it as No Child Left Behind on steroids! Parents describe it as a nationalized “one-size-fits-all” approach to content standards that creates a low ceiling for student achievement. (See how Common Core doubles down on No Child […]

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