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23 New Teachers at LHSD while projecting $400,000 deficit??

According to an 8-23-13 Logan Daily News article, “LHSD adds 23 new teachers“. The Logan Hocking School District has hired 23 new teachers for the 2013-2014 shcool year.  The LHSD is projecting a $400,000 deficit, according to Treasurer Paul Shaw. With that in mind… are these teachers replacing others or are they in addition to […]

Opposing a School Levy is called “Neanderthal” and “Moron”

At the birth of our country, our Founders expected the United States citizenry to be engaged, informed and involved in all levels of government. They even warned us against not doing so, recognizing that an apathetic public would be our nation’s undoing. Sadly, many elected officials, especially those who have been in political positions for […]

Logan Hocking School District May Face 1.1 Million Deficit

According to the Feb. 9th Logan Daily News article, “Kasich’s budget leaves no additional funding for LHSD”, district treasurer Paul Shaw is projecting a 1.1 million dollar deficit for the Logan Hocking School district in FY 2015. Shaw stated, “Having served in school finance for 21 years, I have seen a lot of school funding […]

School Board Candidate Workshop 3-16

The Logan Hocking School Board has three positions up for re-election in 2013.  Any school district benefits when strong conservatives are elected.  Those who are not afraid to ask the hard questions and put the students first in a system that is often designed to benefit the adults more than the kids. Are you considering […]

Two Ohio School Districts Allowing Concealed Carry by Staff

At least two Ohio public school boards have voted to allow employees to carry concealed firearms on school property, exercising a “gun-free zone” waiver provided for by state law. Other school districts across Ohio are discussing the issue, as well, following a December 2012 mass murder at a Connecticut elementary. Read the entire article HERE.

Governor Kasich’s Education Budget

On Thursday, January 31st, Governor Kasich announced his education budget plan to a room filled with Ohio Superintendents, press and charter school organizations.  Dr. Richard Ross, Barb Mattei-Smith and Tim Keen were there to provide an overview. The Governor stated that his plan, which he calls “Achievement Everywhere”, is fully funded and does not rely […]

Where Does Our Local Tax Money Go?

Look at your yearly tax totals and you’ll see a huge chunk of your money goes to pay for local government and schools. But on what specifically is that money spent? Answer – government employees salaries and benefits. In almost every school and municipality, this is the number one budget driver and fastest increasing cost. […]

Ohio Auditor Investigates Grade Changing

Cheating appears to have taken an unusual form in Columbus schools. A study of computer logs undertaken by The Columbus Dispatch uncovered instances of district employees changing student letter grades some 5,300 times over the course of one year, all in an attempt to “scrub” the data in order to meet state and federal achievement metrics. […]

Logan-Hocking School District Cost Per Student

Based on 2010-11 data from the Ohio Department of Education, the Logan Hocking School District spent $9,469 ($4,845 was instructional costs) per student.  The LHSD had an enrollment of 4,010 students and total expenditures of the 2010-11 school year of $37,966, 784. For further information on how much other Ohio school districts spend per student […]

Why We Should Be Concerned About “Common Core”

What is the Common Core? Click here to watch informational videos about Common Core in Georgia. Educators have described it as No Child Left Behind on steroids! Parents describe it as a nationalized “one-size-fits-all” approach to content standards that creates a low ceiling for student achievement. (See how Common Core doubles down on No Child […]

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